Nigerian pop-up-dinner from Detroit cook returns to New Orleans

NOTE: The dinner, originally scheduled for Jan. 11, has been postponed to Jan. 18. Tunde Wey knows that few people have tasted Nigerian food. That’s to his advantage as he travels around America serving his native cuisine with his Lagos pop-up dinners. “I’m probably the worst Nigerian cook that I know,” he said, “but the. . . Continue Reading >>>

Steak Frites: exploring a French classic

Few dishes have the crossover appeal of steak frites. Its building blocks – beef, potatoes and some iteration of a mother sauce – have the kind of safe, mass appeal of an entrée shaped from a series of corporate focus group sessions. Yet it’s the variations possible on these basic themes where the true refinements. . . Continue Reading >>>

Under the Radar: Carrollton Market

Innovative Southern Cuisine. When Carrollton Market opened in March it did so with little fanfare, slipping into the space formerly occupied by One Restaurant and Lounge. It wasn’t entirely obvious at first that beyond its plate-glass windows awaited a completely new restaurant. The first impression might be the dining room and bar area following its. . . Continue Reading >>>

Did Brett Anderson get it right with his best new restaurants in New Orleans list? Let us know

On Wednesday (Oct. 16), restaurant critic Brett Anderson named the five best new restaurants in New Orleans, part of the fall | The Times-Picayune dining guide. This year, many new dining rooms were possible contenders for the annual list. Dozens of restaurants have opened in New Orleans since our 2013 fall dining guide. Anderson’s top 5 new. . . Continue Reading >>>

Napoleon: Carrollton Market an intimate and original superb new bistro

This superb new bistro opened over the spring in the Riverbend at the former home of One Restaurant & Lounge. It’s the first restaurant for Jason Goodenough, a young chef presenting familiar Southern flavors in creative and compelling new ways. Click here to see the video.  

Bon Appetit names best new restaurants in the Country: Media Buffet

Last week, Bon Appetit unveiled 50 nominees for its Hot Ten, which is what Andrew Knowlton, the magazine’s restaurant writer, calls his annual list of the country’s best new restaurants. One New Orleans restaurant, MoPho, was among the honored. It wasn’t cool enough to make the Hot Ten. Rose’s Luxury, in Washington, DC, topped Knowlton’s list;. . . Continue Reading >>>

Southern Living snubs new restaurants from New Orleans. Your response?

New Orleans restaurants failed to rank when Southern Living compiled its list of “the South’s 10 best new restaurants.” The magazine’s restaurant scout, Jennifer V. Cole, handed those honors to joints debuting in culinary meccas like Nashville and Decatur, Ga. Two spots went to new restaurants in Dallas. New Orleans did score with some old. . . Continue Reading >>>

Carrollton Market, small but serious New Orleans bistro, shines beyond glare of national acclaim

There are easily hundreds, probably thousands, of ways for chefs to make their mark on dishes diners have eaten hundreds, maybe thousands of times before. An echelon of chefs have made it their practice to seize on countless numbers of these twists and turns to create a single, disorienting dish. Jason Goodenough, the chef-owner of. . . Continue Reading >>>

Best New Restaurants: New places, new choices, clear winners

[…] Too New to Review, Yet Deemed Worth Trying Some restaurants that opened near our press date deserve mention, even if we couldn’t fully evaluate them for the Best New Restaurants list. Here are a sample: At Square Root chef Phillip Lopez is taking the modernist cuisine he cooks at his Warehouse District spot Root. . . Continue Reading >>>

New Orleans’ Top 100+ Bars: Farm to glass

These hyper-local bars make use of on-premises gardens, or work closely with their chef and local markets. Carrollton Market General manager Steve Deisinger borrows from chef/owner Jason Goodenough’s kitchen to spin seasonal ingredients into his smart, spirit-forward cocktails. These include a bitter, citrusy tonic syrup, as well as syrups made from lavender, strawberries, pomegranate and ginger,. . . Continue Reading >>>

Making the Turn: New Discoveries at Riverbend

Riverbend continues to pop with a growing mix of both fine and casual dining choices. New to the party is Carrollton Market, housed in the location formerly occupied by ONE Restaurant and Lounge. With its tasteful renovation, open kitchen and modern design, Carrollton Market deepens the pool of upscale restaurants in the neighborhood which Brigtsen’s. . . Continue Reading >>>

Table Toppers: the art of specialty dining

Finding a special place to dine in New Orleans isn’t difficult. The James Beard Foundation has awarded New Orleans more than 20 times, five in this year alone. But for those truly special occasions – from the once-in-a-lifetime to the must-celebrate now events – you might have to look a little closer. From chef’s tables that put you. . . Continue Reading >>>

Review: Carrollton Market

There’s something to be said for understated elegance: the kind of classic, simple sophistication that translates effortlessly regardless of the times. As alluring as that sounds, in recent years many new restaurants have aimed for a rustic, homey feel (communal tables and shared plates, anyone?) which can result in inadvertently sharing your dinner with chatty strangers.. . . Continue Reading >>>

Carrollton Market: New restaurants in New Orleans

Carrollton Market has Southern roots, but the accent is subtle. Named for the public market that once anchored this neighborhood, it replaces ONE Restaurant and Lounge, which closed last December after nearly a decade in business. The dining room at ONE always felt scrappy, while Carrollton Market has a cozy elegance. At the previous occupant,. . . Continue Reading >>>

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