Travel: Guide to Flavor and Fun in New Orleans

In the Riverbed neighborhood, go to Carrollton Market for southern fare with a sophisticated yet simple approach to fabulous food. Enjoy Oysters Goodenough: flash-fried oysters, bacon, creamed leeks and sauce Béarnaise, or the crawfish and pork croquettes. Entrees include but not limited to: Pan-seared Amberjack served with crawfish fried rice, stir-fried snow peas and lemongrass-crawfish emulsion;. . . Continue Reading >>>

Carrollton Market celebrates all things gluten

Carrollton Market (8132 Hampson St., 504-252-9928; chef-owner Jason Goodenough is making a stand for gluten on July 20. For one night, the Riverbend restaurant is serving an eight-course gluten-centric dinner, whimsically subtitled “(It’s) A Celebration of Gluten (Bitches).” The tongue-in-cheek backlash at gluten-free requests features a tasting menu “centered around the current villain of. . . Continue Reading >>>

New Orleans chef pens “gluten celebration” menu

You can have too much of anything when it comes to food, and for chef Jason Goodenough that includes angst over gluten. Goodenough is the chef/owner of Carrollton Market, a standout modern Southern bistro in the Riverbend. He says he understands that some diners have health concerns related to gluten. People in his family have. . . Continue Reading >>>

Where to eat and drink this summer in New Orleans: Food and libations for high-mercury days

For a traditional gazpacho, look no further than Esplanade Avenue’s Spanish darling Lola’s(3312 Esplanade Ave., 504-488-6946;, where the classic combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and garlic is pureed and served drizzled with olive oil and garnished with finely diced vegetables. The restaurant also serves ajoblanco, the cold and creamy almond soup of Andalusia.. . . Continue Reading >>>

Riverbend Brunches

Carrollton Market quickly made a name for itself when it opened back in 2014 and with good reason – chef Jason Goodenough uses southern cuisine as a platform to swiftly branch out into polished iterations of more contemporary fare. But one thing he didn’t offer was lunch service, which made the announcement of his weekend. . . Continue Reading >>>

A Dozen Grilled, Smoked and Fried Oyster Dishes to Try

At first glance the name might seem to undersell this dish. But Oysters Goodenough are proudly named for their creator, chef Jason Goodenough, and they’re a flagship dish at his Riverbend bistro. The oysters are fried and placed back in their shells, which serve as small, individual pots of bacon and creamed leeks under velvety,. . . Continue Reading >>>

10 Reasons New Orleans Donuts Dunk National Chains

It would be a crying shame if we didn’t include the stellar doughnut-derived dessert only to be found at Carrollton Market in the Riverbend. Chef Jason Goodenough has already blown us away with his fabulous fried oysters made with Benton’s bacon and Béarnaise sauce, so it should be no surprise to discover a dessert like his Café. . . Continue Reading >>>

Carrollton Market Named Amongst Advocate’s Top-10 High End Restaurants in New Orleans

Start with what’s already familiar, accessible and perhaps even beloved, shift the lens for a more customized interpretation, then harness the quickening excitement that results.That’s been chef Jason Goodenough’s approach to Southern flavors at this consistently impressive Riverbend bistro. Roasted black drum is plated with savory, garlicky bread pudding, Creole cream cheese gives cavatelli pasta. . . Continue Reading >>>

Corn Flour: The Stone-Ground Goods

Carrollton Market’s Chef Jason Goodenough has been buying grits from Bonnecaze Farms in Baton Rouge for years. “I was looking into doing a corn pancake, and they told me they would give me the byproduct from their stone-ground grits,” says Goodenough. “It’s essentially just too small to be a grit and falls through the hopper.”. . . Continue Reading >>>

Best Hangover Cures in New Orleans

Located in the historic neighborhood of Riverbend, Carrollton Market’s Creole-tinged New American plates are divided evenly between buttery sweet dishes and…buttery savory ones. From the latter category, we favor the over-the-top brunch poutine: hand-cut fries topped with sausage gravy, cheese curds, crispy bacon and, for good measure, two sunny-side-up eggs.  

New Orleans for Millenials

When you’ve finished exploring Magazine Street and the Garden District, take the streetcar to Carrollton and dine at Carrollton Market. With a focus on farmers markets and local seafood, the menu changes frequently and makes use of the fruits of the Mississippi River Delta

Weekend Cheat Sheet: January 2016

Brunch at: Carrollton Market is a fairly new Riverbend restaurant located in the Victorian house-turned-restaurant that was once home to One Restaurant and Bar. Owner and Chef Jason Goodenough is already wowing local and national critics with his unique and unassuming interpretation of modern Southern cuisine. Pop in for an elegant Sunday brunch, featuring dishes. . . Continue Reading >>>