New Orleans Chefs Challenged to Create School Lunches for $1.25

On September 29, 2017, the Chef Ann Foundation is bringing a Celebrity Chef Edition of The Real School Food Challenge to New Orleans. The organizers will be challenging a group of New Orleans’ most prominent chefs to create healthy school lunch recipes for just US$1.25 per meal. Each recipe will be required to meet U.S. Department of. . . Continue Reading >>>

One of the Best Cinnamon Rolls of 2017 is on a Brunch Menu in New Orleans

“Cinnamon rolls, you know. Everybody does, right? Plenty will have also tried variations on the American breakfast classic—for example, its trouble-making cousin, the croissant-style cinnamon roll, layer after layer of butter making already slightly ridiculous thing even more, well, ridiculous. Chef Jason Goodenough, of local brunch favorite Carrollton Market in New Orleans, happens to think that rather than choose between. . . Continue Reading >>>