To Our Valued Guests:

Needless to say, I have been concerned by the spread of the Corona Virus and Covid-19 across the globe.  As someone who obsesses over the news on a daily basis, following the virus’ progress from Wuhan all the way to the steps of my own restaurant has been alarming.  However, having the ability to have foresight has helped us plan and be prepared for its arrival.

By nature of our restaurant’s design, an obsessive attention to sanitation standards has always been necessitated.  While our open kitchen concept can certainly have its drawbacks, one of its benefits is that it requires us to be obsessively clean because our guests are sitting front-and-center in the middle of our hot line.  In addition to these stringent standards, we have increased our attention to detail, cleanliness, and social distancing practices.

In an effort to keep our staff employed and fed, cash coming in to the business, and food on our guests’ tables we have changed our business model virtually overnight.  Instead of a classic takeout joint, however, I saw a need to help families like my own: those who are overwhelmed by the home schooling situation and have no interest in worrying about dinner each night.  The food is similar to what I prepare for my own family — healthful enough to keep my wife from complaining but tasty enough to keep my kids from whining.  We are preparing a different meal each day, designed to feed a family of four (two adults, two kids) for $49.  If you buy four days, the fifth is on us.  The homeschoolin’ blues are an undeniable challenge; let us lessen your burden.  We have wine too — don’t drink to forget, but don’t forget to drink.

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