Carrollton Market (8132 Hampson St., 504-252-9928; chef-owner Jason Goodenough is making a stand for gluten on July 20. For one night, the Riverbend restaurant is serving an eight-course gluten-centric dinner, whimsically subtitled “(It’s) A Celebration of Gluten (Bitches).”

The tongue-in-cheek backlash at gluten-free requests features a tasting menu “centered around the current villain of proteins, gluten,” states a press release from the restaurant.

“Gluten is a very misunderstood protein,” Goodenough writes. “It’s what makes my pasta dough elastic, what gives my bread texture and what makes my pie dough crunchy. Instead of scorning gluten, we are celebrating it.”

The menu includes the restaurant’s signature oysters Goodenough, Buffalo-style fried gluten and paneed foie gras with peach bread pudding.

The menu is $80 per person, or $125 with drink pairings. A portion of proceeds will go to the Celiac Disease Foundation. To reserve a seat (there’s only 40 available) call the restaurant at (504) 252-­9928.


by Helen Freund