Voyage to New Orleans

For a fine-dining take on New Orleans cuisine, look to Café Boulud on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Every few months, in addition to the regular menu, executive chef Aaron Bludorn highlights (in a series called Voyages) the cuisine of a chosen destination. This time, it’s New Orleans.

“When Daniel [Boulud] and I talked about it, we were getting really excited because we’ve done Voyages with Senegal, Vietnam, and all throughout the world. Every time, you see these threads from where the French colonized and what they brought and how the technique is so deeply rooted in the cuisine itself: the roux, the use of spices, emulsifications, braises.

“There’s such a deeply embedded culture that created these classics, such as gumbo and étouffée, that’s been passed on orally, but they’re all rooted in French technique, which is really fun for me.”

To kick off the new destination, Bludorn invited chef Jason Goodenough of New Orleans’s Carrollton Market to co-host two Mardi Gras dinners (now sold out) on Feb. 27 and 28.


by Channaly Philipp

The Epoch Times