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Carrollton Market is beyond compare, but don’t take our word for it. We’ve created a truly enjoyable, comfortable place to enjoy your friends, your evenings, and just be yourself. Fresh ingredients. Locally sourced. We’re dogged in our pursuit to making the most of the dining experience. We sincerely enjoy creating memorable dining experiences each and every night.

Carrollton Market’s Jason Goodenough Named “Chef of the Year” by New Orleans Magazine

Carrollton Market initially opened as a contemporary bistro that leaned heavily on southern influence. Since then it has matured, unfolding almost organically as Goodenough widened the spectrum to encompass a broad range of perspective, including French, Italian and Japanese. But he still deftly manages to link dishes to home. A case in point is the. . . Continue Reading >>>

Times Picayune Names Carrollton Market a “Top 10 Restaurant for 2018”

Each December Brett Anderson, the esteemed restaurant critic for the Times-Picayune, chooses a list of ten restaurants that he thinks are New Orleans’ finest.  Brett says “The list is exclusive by design, literally and figuratively. It includes only restaurants that meet the expectations of fine-dining restaurants in terms of ambition, food quality and service.”  This. . . Continue Reading >>>

Oysters — In search of the best from the shells

Carrollton Market Chef Jason Goodenough lent his name to the oyster creation that is certain to be widely imitated and is already destined to become a classic. He serves his Oysters Goodenough at his cozy Riverbend bistro, Carrollton Market. The oysters are flash fried then placed back on their half shells atop a base of. . . Continue Reading >>>

New Orleans Chefs Challenged to Create School Lunches for $1.25

On September 29, 2017, the Chef Ann Foundation is bringing a Celebrity Chef Edition of The Real School Food Challenge to New Orleans. The organizers will be challenging a group of New Orleans’ most prominent chefs to create healthy school lunch recipes for just US$1.25 per meal. Each recipe will be required to meet U.S. Department of. . . Continue Reading >>>

One of the Best Cinnamon Rolls of 2017 is on a Brunch Menu in New Orleans

“Cinnamon rolls, you know. Everybody does, right? Plenty will have also tried variations on the American breakfast classic—for example, its trouble-making cousin, the croissant-style cinnamon roll, layer after layer of butter making already slightly ridiculous thing even more, well, ridiculous. Chef Jason Goodenough, of local brunch favorite Carrollton Market in New Orleans, happens to think that rather than choose between. . . Continue Reading >>>

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