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Carrollton Market is beyond compare, but don’t take our word for it. We’ve created a truly enjoyable, comfortable place to enjoy your friends, your evenings, and just be yourself. Fresh ingredients. Locally sourced. We’re dogged in our pursuit to making the most of the dining experience. We sincerely enjoy creating memorable dining experiences each and every night.

We Planned Your Next Weekend Trip to New Orleans

2. Brunch Power Moves House-made cinnamon rolls at Carrollton Market are a magnet for brunch-savvy locals, as is the Crispy Oyster Croque Madame at contemporary-Cajun DTB.

50 Best Southern Restaurants in America: OpenTable Releases Its Latest List

Today OpenTable released its “50 Best Southern Restaurants” list. And as someone who appreciates putting a little South in her mouth, OpenTable’s newest restaurant list really spoke to my okra-loving heart. The new list obviously includes many restaurants in the South, but it also includes Northeast and Midwest states (such New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois)—proving that Southern. . . Continue Reading >>>

Here Are 4 Restaurants You Shouldn’t Miss In New Orleans Right Now

If I lived in New Orleans, though, I’d be at the restaurant Carrollton Market every week. Another New York import in a way—the chef/owner Jason Goodenough, named by New Orleans Magazine as Chef of the Year last year, is originally from New York’s Upper East Side but is a longtime resident here who learned the basics working in. . . Continue Reading >>>

Our Delta Pop-up Menu is Complete!

On Valentine’s Day, Wednesday February 14th, Chef Jason and his team will be travelling to Leland, Mississippi to pop-up Carrollton Market at the former Vince’s Restaurant.  Instead of offering a totally fixed, banquet-style menu, Chef Jason wanted to create more of a restaurant-type environment for our guests.  For that reason, we will be offering a limited. . . Continue Reading >>>

Carrollton Market’s Jason Goodenough Named “Chef of the Year” by New Orleans Magazine

Carrollton Market initially opened as a contemporary bistro that leaned heavily on southern influence. Since then it has matured, unfolding almost organically as Goodenough widened the spectrum to encompass a broad range of perspective, including French, Italian and Japanese. But he still deftly manages to link dishes to home. A case in point is the. . . Continue Reading >>>

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