“Cinnamon rolls, you know. Everybody does, right? Plenty will have also tried variations on the American breakfast classic—for example, its trouble-making cousin, the croissant-style cinnamon roll, layer after layer of butter making already slightly ridiculous thing even more, well, ridiculous.

Chef Jason Goodenough, of local brunch favorite Carrollton Market in New Orleans, happens to think that rather than choose between styles, your best best is to fuse the two—a traditional bread dough, and a laminated dough—together.

The result can be found on the restaurant’s brunch menu (offered Thursday-Sunday), a balanced, breezily decadent winner that, in true New Orleans style, makes up for being slightly less indulgent by being twice, or perhaps three times larger than necessary. Just so you remember where you are.”


by David Landsel

Food and Wine